Technology Selection and Purchase Process

If you have an unmet business, scholarly, or research need, USNH Enterprise Technology and Services offers a service to support Technology Selection and Purchasing.  This process is to ensure that the USNH IT portfolio meets the needs of staff, supports USNH strategy and embraces best practices in technology management, security and regulatory compliance.

The general process to review and process requests is:

  1. Confirm USNH does not already own this technology and there are no similar requests. 
  2. Determine if UNH IT resources will be required for single sign-on (SS0), security assessment review (SAR), data access, system integration, or other support functions. 
  3. Make one of the following recommendations;  
    1. Refer the client to the Service Owner of an existing product or service or the Project Manager of an on-going project.
    2. If the request will result in over 40 hours of work or is complex, support the client to develop a project proposal request. 
    3. If no USNH options are available and the request has nominal impact on UNSH IT, recommend the client  proceed with the purchase and;
      1. ensure the purchaser and vendor are aware of, and comply with, USNH policies and standards.
      2. add the product to a database.

To initiate a request for a technology purchase, or for assistance in technology selection, please submit a request.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in this process.