Sympathetic Response to Verify Medication Adherence

Patients with major medical issues often heal best in the familiar surroundings of home. Yet, the technology required to monitoring the health status for patients in a home care environment either requires specialized training, such as that of a home care nurse or is proprietary, expensive and lacks the kind of feature richness that many patients have embraced in other areas of their lives.

There is an opportunity to integrate cutting-edge body sensor technology in a standardized system to create a novel approach to healthcare delivery. This project seeks to leverage UNH’s expertise in protocol design, communications, and system development in order to implement a marketable product based on this disruptive approach to healthcare.

This project has two major components:

  1. The integration of sympathetic system sensor technology into an existing open standards-based healthcare management system that allows assessment of the viability of medication adherence and possibly other sensing approaches; and
  2. The usability of remote tools for the home healthcare environment by characterizing the effectiveness of personal sensors, disease management, education, and management to determine if health outcomes are improved through the use of these remote tools.

It is important to note that the usability of the sympathetic system sensor technology as integrated into the LNI product is what will be determined in the second component of this project. Detailed testing to prove that the sympathetic system does improve outcomes requires a detailed testing protocol beyond the scope of the NHIRC project.