Networks & Connectivity

Networks & Connectivity


Data Center Hosting

The Data Center offers a fully alarmed, generator-backed, and secure hosting service for servers, storage systems and other hardware that require either high availability or security.

Firewall Services

Telecommunications and Network Services operate and manage department level firewalls to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Network Consulting and Design

Telecomunications and Network Services provides custom design and management services, creating private secure sub-networks within the UNH network for several UNH departments.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks allow authorized users to access secure university networks from non-secure networks.

Website Certificates

In partnership with InCommon, UNH IT offers unlimited security certificates at no cost to websites affiliated with UNH, USNH, UNH Manchester, Granite State College, and UNH Law.   Benefits of getting certificates through UNH IT and InCommon include:

Wide Area Network Services (NetworkNH)

NetworkNH designs and operates regional internet and inter-campus longhaul data networks.

Wireless Network

The UNH-Secure wireless network provides the peace-of-mind security of a wired network with the mobility of wireless.