Academic Video Conferencing

UNH students, faculty, and staff  have been able to travel the planet via the DLStudios and video conferencing. There have been events to Iraq, Russia, Australia, Puerto Rico, most every US state, and many countries across Europe. Leveraging video conferencing you can

Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Box @ UNH is a service which enables you to store, collaborate and share information. Box @ UNH uses the platform; a cloud-based solution that can be accessed through any device: desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Communications Planning

Providing communication and marketing services to IT Departments and delivering UNH IT news to our customers.

Digital Signage

UNH TV hosts a series of display devices across the UNH Durham and Manchester campuses, designed to display informational content including digital posters, movies, social media, and emergency alerts via a single central portal.

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that lets instructors digitally record their lectures (using audio and/or video, screen capture, or PowerPoint slides) and make those recordings available to students. UNH-IT Academic Technology provides all UNH, UNH-Manchester and UNH-Law faculty a variety of options for Lecture Capture - recording right from your own computer, in a classroom, or at the Distance Learning Studio using the Tegrity Lecture Capture Platform.


Microsoft SharePoint is a web application that facilitates collaboration and information sharing between users.

Video Chat and Messaging

Skype for Business allows instantaneous communication that doesn’t get lost in the clutter of a mailbox.

Web and Mobile Services

UNH IT has a number of services related to building and hosting websites and mobile apps.