Telephone Services

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Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Telecommunications provides Automated Call Distribution (ACD) which allows calls coming in to a department telephone number to be distributed among a designated pool of telephones, allowing multiple staff to handle the incoming call volume.

Call Forwarding to Mobile

Telecommunications provides Extension to Cellular (EC500) solution which offers the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, using your cell phone. With EC500, calls to your office number are extended to your cell phone, allowing you to choose to receive work-related calls on your cell phone.

Telephone and Data Cable Design/Installation

Telecommunications provides installation of structured phone and data cabling by experienced and certified installers. Services provided can range from adding a single data outlet to complete building renovations.

Telephone Directory Services

Campus operators and a automated voice recognition directory are available to direct phone calls at the University.


Telecommunications provides a 24-hour universally accessible voice messaging service for all UNH telephones. It allows callers to leave messages when you are unable to a take call or away from your phone.