Synchronous Classroom Tools

Synchronous Classroom tools allow faculty to connect online with their students using web-based tools and does not require anyone to be in a specific location to use.


Zoom is a live web conferencing and virtual classroom software that allows faculty and students to communicate using a real-time learning space. The main features include 2-way video and audio, an interactive whiteboard, application sharing, and session recording.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing allows people to gather in installed locations around the world, or join in via software on their computer for a high quality, synchronous communication.

 Leveraging video conferencing you can:

  • Reduce travel expenses and eliminate lost time to travel
  • Allows multipoint meetings across time zones
  • Reduces carbon footprint due to travel
  • Allow for guest lecturers to interact with UNH students
  • Allow for traveling faculty to teach back to their classes
  • HD video and audio makes for a highly interactive event

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