Public Printing

The printings in the Clusters, Libraries, and elsewhere on campus are available for anyone who would like to use them. We encourage students, especially laptop users, to setup queues to the Clusters printers so that you can easily print out your work and pick it up wherever you are around campus.

If you print from your computer to the Clusters print queue, your print job will appear on the print station computers around campus. See the exact locations below. Simply select your job, pay for it, and it will print out wherever you are. Note that you must pay for your print job within 2 hours of submitting it to the queue, or it will be deleted automatically. Assistance with setting up the queues, printing, or retrieving your jobs is available from the AT Support Center in Dimond Library and from the Consultants in the Student Computing Clusters.

To print from your own computer or mobile device, go to For more details about the mobile print service, see

At A Glance

  • Color: $.50 per page
  • B&W: $.10 per page
  • The discount rate for printing double-sided (duplex) is 25%.

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