Project Management Terminology

Every discipline has its own vocabulary, and project management is no exception.  In order to facilitate everyone having a shared understanding of the terms common to project management, we have created a couple of glossaries to help.  When one person talks about risks, scope, issues, requirements, and other project management concerns, having everyone else know what he or she is referring to is key to keeping projects on track and successful.

Our PM Lexicon contains terms commonly used in project management, along with any caveats for how they are used at UNH if applicable. 

Our PM Roles and Responsibilities glossary is not inclusive, but it does cover the roles that are typically included in projects as UNH/USNH.  It is important to understand these roles, along with their similarities and differences, when identifying project stakeholders.

Click this button to link to the PM Lexicon and the PM Roles and Responsibilities glossaries.