PMO Training and Services

The Project Management Office offers the services summarized below. Click on the orange links to see a description of these services.


Direct Management of Critical/Strategic projects

When requested by senior leadership, the PMO provides direct management of complex projects that transcend several departments.
The PMO facilitates the annual solicitation and review of IT initiatives, regularly scheduled portfolio reviews, and the Intake and Selection process for in-cycle and out-of-cycle project proposals; additional support services include phase gate reviews, portfolio reviews, project audits, key performance indicator metrics.
The PMO provides business process analysis for departments; this typically involves an initial examination of current business processes, followed by analysis and an erudite mapping for future business processes; this process is often requested when a department wishes to reduce operational costs and cycle time, enhance customer service, and/or improve the quality of their services
These services are provided through a variety of avenues; consulting is provided via direct support in developing project proposals, project charters, business requirements, work breakdown structures, budget estimates, etc.; PMO staff offer training for managing projects and portfolios in the Project and Portfolio Management software application (TeamDynamix, aka TDx), and boot camps on project management and business process improvement; the PMO department website provides education on project and portfolio management, governance, project classification, the project management life cycle, process improvement, the process to submit a proposal for approval, etc.
The services supported include administration of TeamDynamix (TDx), the official Project and Portfolio Management application, a resource library maintained on BOX with a variety of templates, worksheets, forms, examples, presentations, and tools based on best practices 
The PMO considers every project to be grounded in change and process improvement; engaging with project leaders toward the adoption of best practices to manage these cultures is a core service offering.

Please visit the IT Service Catalog to learn more about PMO services, including our project management consulting, our jump start and boot camp training, process improvement (Lean) training, and project and portfolio management software (TeamDynamix) training.