Intake Phase

At UNH, the Intake Phase of the project management life cycle is the methodology followed to request approval for a project.  This intake and selection process is the first step to determining whether a new project idea or a proposal to enhance an existing service is aligned with the University's strategic initiatives, and, if so and the project is approved for implementation, how the project is to be prioritized within our current project portfolios.  The details of this Phase, including the steps to take to submit your project request, are provided in the Intake and Selection section of this website.   

Currently, the Intake Phase of the life cycle has been rolled-out to only the Academic Affairs governing unit.  This Phase will be expanded to additional governing units in the coming months.  A link to Project Management Life Cycle templates/tools/examples referenced on this page is available here and at the bottom of this page.

INTAKE Phase Activities

Develop Project Proposal
Create a problem/opportunity statement that articulates your project request, considering how this project will save time, make money, mitigate risk, add value. Work with your manager to build support and sponsorship for your project. Complete a Project Proposal using the required template.  Also, complete the Business tab of the Project Intake Evaluation Worksheet.
Submit Project Proposal
Submit your project request using the online Project Proposal Submission Form, attaching the Project Proposal and the Project Intake Evaluation Worksheet.
Project Proposal Reviewed by Appropriate Bodies
Your project request will be reviewed by one or potentially more governance bodies. This depends upon the work effort required to implement the project. The project sponsor may be asked to present the project request to a Governing Body.
Approve, Defer, or Reject Request
After consultation with the originating department and IT, the appropriate body will make a decision.
Develop Effort and Schedule for Approved Projects
Once a project request has been approved, IT will engage with the originating department to develop effort and schedule requirements to determine a priority within the portfolio of projects.
Conduct Phase Gate Review for Approved Projects
All approved projects will undergo a Phase Gate Review to ensure the tasks of the Intake Phase have been completed satisfactorily and that the project is ready to transition to the Initiate Phase.


INTAKE Phase Deliverables

Project Proposal and Project Intake Evaluation Worksheet These documents are required.  The information contained in these document is requisite for the Change Control Board, Initial Review Board and/or Governing Body to consider the project request.


Additional Resources

Project Budget Template Typically this template will not be completed until the project is approved, but it may be helpful in considering the variety of costs associated with your project as you develop the rough order of magnitude estimate that is to be included in the Project Proposal.
ROM Estimate for Project Effort Template This template may be very helpful for the ITRB/CCB to develop a rough order of magnitude for the work effort, which is needed when the Project Proposal is converted to a Project Request in TeamDynamix.
Phase Gate Review - INTAKE Template This document is a required deliverable for Tiers 3-5 projects.  A phase gate review is an assessment of the current status of the project; it is needed to determine whether or not the project is ready to proceed to the next phase of the project management lifecycle.
Project Proposal Glossary A list of terms that may be helpful when completing the Project Proposal.
Problem Statement Writing Guidelines Educational Material
Problem Statement Presentation This presentation on how to develop a problem statement was given at a PMO Lunch and Learn session in 2013.  It remains relevant.
Problem Statement Worksheet A problem statement, or an opportunity statement, must be included in the Project Proposal.
Opportunity Statement Worksheet An opportunity statement, or a problem statement, must be included in the Project Proposal.
SWOT Analysis Template with Examples This is a structured planning method that may be helpful in evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of your project.


Click here to link to Project Management Life Cycle Templates / Tools / Examples