Project Intake and Selection

You have an idea for a project--how do you get this in front of a decision-making audience?  Or perhaps you have been given the charge to originate a project and gain the appropriate approvals.  What now?  The first step is to understand whether or not your idea or project is unique, and once determined, the correct path to follow can be chosen.  In general, unique activities are not repeated and are therefore not routine or operational in nature.  Operational activities do not fall under the Project Management Guidelines, although the PM tools and techniques may prove useful in performing those activities.  The following table helps demonstrate the differences between projects and operations.


Routine Operational Activity

Installing a new software application or a full version update
Installing maintenance patches or releases
Installing new classroom technology as part of a capital construction project
Installing or refreshing classroom technology as part of a scheduled bi-annual upgrade cycle
Redoing the enterprise data center infrastructure
Replacing server hardware at the end of product life


Our project management methodology differs from the framework published in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide.  We have customized ours to provide a streamlined process for requesting a project, receiving approval to proceed, and prioritization of the project within the current portfolio of projects--all before significant resources are committed.  If a project is approved, which is the desired outcome of the Intake Phase, the project will then follow the remaining UNH-tailored phases of the project life cycle.

Submit a Project Request

The first step to submitting a project proposal is to identify the problem to be solved or the opportunity to be seized.  Detailed steps to develop your project proposal are located here.

You can submit the Project Proposal and the Project Intake Evaluation Worksheet via our IT Project Request Submission Form at any time. Submission triggers the automated creation of a ticket in our portfolio management application, TeamDynamix, and the review and selection process ensues. Your request will be routed to a Change Control Board (CCB) for a request for an existing service enhancement, or to an Information Technology Review Board (ITRB) for a request for a new service, where it will be assessed for business value, funding and staffing resources, and alignment to strategic and/or organizational needs. If your project falls within a Tier 1 or Tier 2 sizing, the CCB/ITRB has the authority to approve, defer, or reject the request. If your project falls within the Tiers 3-5 classifications, 1) the CCB can approve or deny the project request, or 2) the ITRB will refer the project request to a Governing Body for additional review and action. The frequency of Governing Body meetings follows a pre-determined schedule. The oversight bodies (CCB, ITRB, Governing Body) may convene more often than regularly scheduled if a project warrants expedited review.

The Intake and Selection process is visually represented here.