Process Improvement

What is Process Improvement?

Process Improvement is a systematic approach that can be used to make incremental and breakthrough improvements in processes.  Process Improvement methodology results in a faster, better, more efficient and/or cost-effective way to deliver products, services, and support to customers.  By examining a process with the objective of creating efficiencies that optimize the customer's value and experience, the organization will gain speed of delivery and reduce risks to quality, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Process Improvement, also known as Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)is:

  • an ongoing, evolutionary way to do business
  • a perpetual effort to improve the quality of products, services or processes
  • a methodology focused on identifying and eliminating activities that add cost without adding value, thereby improving the flow of work processes
  • terminology that the PMO uses interchangeably with CPI and LEAN
  • LEAN, a process improvement process that doesn't require extensive training or technology; the PMO is promoting LEAN principles across the campuses

Process Improvement is not:

  • a 'one-time' event
  • focused personally on 'who' is doing the process but 'HOW and WHY' the process is being performed
  • a personal judgmental approach

What are examples of triggers that a process evaluation may be needed?

  • A change in current processes
  • Introduction of new tools; regulations, etc. that impact work
  • Customer expectations are not being met
    • Voice of the Customer (VOC) indicates a need for evaluation
  • 'Employees' are working extended hours
  • Changes in staff; absorption of additional work
  • Survey results reflect dissatisfaction with output and/or service expectations
  • Employees do not understand the value of tasks being performed
  • Implementation of new systems or updates to existing systems

What additional considerations may indicate that a process evaluation may be needed?

  • Employees are chasing information
  • Employees wait a long time for approvals
  • Employees are constantly being interrupted
  • Work is getting lost between department silos
  • Employees are jumping through multiple processes and decision hoops
  • Work must be batched before moving forward
  • There is a backlog of work
  • Is the work reviewed? Are reviews required? Is there a value in the review?
  • Are current processes devised to manage growth with quality output?
  • Are customer experiences below expectations?

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