Frequently Asked Questions: Meeting Technology Needs for Working Remotely

March 20, 2020

by UNH IT Staff

This FAQ addresses questions employees may have about technology resources, services, and equipment to enable the UNH workforce to work remotely. This page

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will be updated with additional information as needed. 

Are there IT requirements I must follow while working remotely? 

Yes. Most requirements are common sense, but here are some of the parameters: 

  • Use university-issued equipment when possible (e.g., university laptops) 
  • The equipment must meet the following minimum UNH information security requirements: o Anti-malware software installed/operational/updated 
  • Operating system patches applied 
  • Host-based firewall installed and enabled 
  • Screen lock requiring password or PIN 
  • Don’t share UNH equipment (e.g., with other family members) and protect from theft, damage, and misuse 
  • Protect all UNH information and printed material from unauthorized access 
  • Store all university information on university servers, BOX, or devices, not on public cloud services (e.g., Google Drive, DropBox) 
  • Do not use public machines or public networks to conduct UNH business 
  • Report any information security incidents, including compromises of devices or unauthorized access to UNH information, immediately at (603) 862-4242 during customary work hours or (603) 862-1427 outside customary work hours. 

Can I take my UNH-issued computer or other devices home with me? 

UNH employees can take their equipment home with supervisor approval. Equipment includes laptops, tablets, desktops, monitors, etc. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to track institutional assets that are removed from campus and ensure all assets are returned when remote work is no longer necessary. 

Can I use my personally-owned computing devices to conduct UNH work while working from home or another location? 

Using a UNH-owned device that has been configured to meet UNH’s security requirements is always the best alternative. If that option is not possible, UNH employees can use personal devices to conduct UNH business as long as the device meets the minimum information security requirements listed above. 

What if I don’t have Internet access at home? 

There are options to get Internet service from the following vendors if you are eligible. 

  • Comcast Internet Essentials: 60 days of free Internet to low-income families 
  • Charter Communications will offer free Spectrum broadband and WiFI access for 60 days to households with college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription at any service level up to 100Mbps. o To enroll call 1-8944-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households
  • Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, visit online here.
  • If you have a cell phone plan that includes Internet data services, it is usually possible to setup the phone to be a personal hotspot. Once the hotspot is setup, it can be used from a laptop or other device. Check with your cell phone provider about doing this. 

How do I get technical assistance? 

There are a variety of ways to get technical support including 24x7 support for myCourses (Canvas) and Zoom: 

  1. Submit a question using our online form 
  2. Call the UNH IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242, Monday – Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.
    • UNH Manchester employees can also call (603) 641-4357
  3. Visit and type in your question to search for resources. 
  4. 24/7 Support for Zoom is available by phone (888) 799-9666, or visit the Zoom Help Center
  5. See Zoom: Troubleshooting Tips to read about issues that may come up when using Zoom. 

Is there an equipment loaner pool available to borrow a laptop or another device? 

UNH has a limited number of laptops, cameras, and other equipment that can be used for employees who don’t have a UNH-issued device or whose UNH-issued device is in need of repair. Submit your request through If the equipment is available for loan, you need to come to Dimond Library, Level G for pick up. 

What is VPN and what resources require me to use it when I work remotely? 

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to create a secure connection from your computer to UNH. We use Pulse Secure at UNH to provide the VPN. Follow Pulse Secure VPN – Installation Instructions to download the VPN to your computer. Follow VPN FAQ for the most common questions about this service. 

Resources that require VPN: 

BANNER systems (HR, Finance, SIS) 

WISE for timesheet approval access 




Tableau (non-public access) 


ID Lookup 


How do I get any software I need on my personal device to work remotely? 

Get information on downloading the Microsoft Office suite here. You can find and download applications here

What collaboration tools are available for use? 

We support Microsoft Teams and Zoom for collaboration. Follow the links below for information on how to access both: 

Microsoft Teams 

Watch a Microsoft Teams training session from 3/19/20


24x7 technical support is available for Zoom: 

1) Call (888) 799-9666, or visit the Zoom Help Center

2) See Zoom: Troubleshooting Tips to read about common issues when using Zoom. 

How do I forward my UNH phone to another phone number? 

Instructions for forwarding UNH phones to other numbers are available at 

How do I send my work voicemail to email? 

If you have not opted into this service, go to and click on “Make a Request” and select “Questions and Estimates” from the dropdown menu. In the request, indicate that you would like your voicemail to be sent to your email.

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