Kaltura Player Reduction

February 25, 2020

by Alicia Medros

Whenever you embed a video into my Courses through the text editor (in an assignment, discussion forum, quiz description…) the video is “wrapped” in a player. The same goes when you add it to your Media Gallery, PowerPoint presentation or website. Over time these players have evolved to better serve users and not all historical videos have been updated to use the more modern, accessible players.

To better support all users interacting with video at UNH many historical players will be depreciated. Your videos will not be affected, they will remain intact. But the players that display your videos and allow users to access them in a course or web page may need to be updated.

When playing any video using a player scheduled to be depreciated this summer, no matter where it's embedded, the user will first see a 10 second video warning about the player deletion. The message will read: “This video player has been deprecated. Your video content will be inaccessible starting January 7, 2021. If you are the owner of this video, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk 12 (603) 862-4242 for support. This video will resume shortly.”

To fix the error and allow users to continue to play your embedded video you must take 3 steps

  1. Identify the name of the embedded video
  2. Remove the existing embedded video from the content area
  3. Re-embed the video in the same location

If you are updating an embedded video on a webpage or Powerpoint use these instructions.

If you are updating an embedded video in myCourses use these instructions.

If you need any additional support please submit a request with details on your current embedded video location.

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