USNH Password Policy

January 21, 2020

by UNH IT Staff

To: All USNH Employees
From: Bill Poirier, USNH Chief Information Officer
Date: January 17, 2020
Subject: USNH Password Policy

  1. The USNH Password Policy (linked below) unifies password management requirements, processes, and technical policy to enforce access management controls across all USNH institutions. This policy was approved by the USNH Admin Board and becomes effective on January 20, 2020.
  2. For most employees, compliance with this policy doesn't require any immediate action. Your employee password will become compliant the next time you are required to change it.
  3. This Policy expands password management for the following accounts:
  • Prior students/alumni accounts, IT software application accounts, student and applicant accounts
  • Secondary identity accounts (for those employees with multiple accounts) including those used to administer an information technology resource
  • Shared administrator accounts used to administer information technology resources
  1. On April 30, 2020, this policy will be expanded to include Service Accounts**. This revision also mandates that default passwords on information systems, peripherals, and loT devices meet the minimum requirements outlined in this policy.

Should you have any questions, please contact Rori Boyce-Werner at 603-862-2377 or

Thank you for your attention.

USNH/UNH Chief Information Officer

1. USNH Password Policy, effective January 20, 2020
2. USNH Password Policy, effective April 30, 2020

• For Institutions where students are not currently required to change passwords, this policy begins in January 2020, and takes several months to bring all student/applicant passwords into compliance.

**Service Accounts – specific account used by an Information Technology resource to contact or interface with another Information Technology resource.

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