Phishing email: Subject=Part time Pet walker/ Pet sitter Needed.Pay is $300 weekly.

January 21, 2020

by UNH IT Information Security Services

UNH Information Security Services (ISS) has received multiple reports of a phishing email targeting UNH users, purporting to be a paid pet sitting opportunity. The email contains an external contact email address.

Email subject = Part time Pet walker/ Pet sitter Needed.Pay is $300 weekly.


Email Text

Links in the email have been disabled and underlined for reference.

Hi, my name is Jared Gustafson.I am a student here in University of New Hampshire.My uncle is moving to the school area and needs someone who can pet sit or and walk his English Bull dog 2 hours daily within 9am-11pm.Pay is $300 weekly. Kindly email him for more info maxencetfontaine|@|hotmail|.|com.You are to contact him with your personal email NOT school email so he can receive your email because most times I email him with my school email he hardly receive my emails.

If you received this email, please delete it.

If you responded to the scammers, please stop and ignore any further emails from them.

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