Grade passback connecting myCourses to Webcat

December 13, 2019

by UNH AT Staff

Save time and effort by pushing grades from myCourses Gradebook to Webcat.   This will not only save faculty time in not having to manually re-enter data they already have available, but will also reduce the possibility of mistakes in copying gradebook information to Webcat

The end of the semester can be a stressful time for students and faculty.  Students want to know their grade as soon as possible and faculty want to be responsive to student requests.  One piece of the grade reporting process makes it easier for faculty who use the myCourses's gradebook to manage and share their grades throughout the semester.

 myCourses has a feature that allows faculty to easily send final grades, as calculated in their myCourses gradebook, to Webcat.  A student’s grade in Webcat will match the final grade in myCourses with the push of a button. The only manual entry required in Webcat is for exception cases such as students receiving an incomplete grade or credit/fail courses.

There are still several opportunities to meet with Academic Technology staff to get help. 

Sign up at You can also call the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 or use the self-help options in the myCourses help menu.  Click here to see an overview of how to publish your grades and the related FAQs.

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