4 Ways to Increase Response Rate of Teaching Evaluations

November 12, 2019

by UNH IT Staff

Students will soon be invited to complete an evaulation of your teaching. This feedback is important for many reasons. In order to increase the response rate you should consider the following:

1. Schedule time during class

     Consider strategy -

              Schedule time in the middle of class

              Schedule time on a day of an important activity such as a quiz/test

              Remind students to bring a device                

              Communicate using myCourses and/syllabus so student are aware of it ahead of time

              Ensure that all students have access to the evaluation

2. Build buy-in

              Explain to students why their feedback is important to you

              How you will use the feedback

              Provide examples

3. Remind students in multiple ways

              Automatically generated system reminders

              Personal reminders through myCourses and/or in class

4. Consider adding it as a calendar event in myCourses

              For help adding these see https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-12797-415241296





To view the response rate while evalutions are in process see Teaching Evaluation Software - Blue - Viewing Response Rate

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