myCourses - How new features benefit you

October 18, 2019

by Louise Jones

This month there are two new updates that we know you will find beneficial.   myCourses by Canvas has updates each month and they are meant to improve functionality and benefit faculty and students. 

  1. How the Course menu link display the visible and hidden course menu links
  • The course menu links no longer use the bold and light grey color to indicate the status.   All course menu links are the same color and the inactive course menu link display a visibility "Eye" icon and includes a tool tip to indicate why it is inactive.   Faculty can see which course menu link is selected as it now displays in black and includes a vertical line. 
  1. Gradebook clarifies how the grade post policy displays the post status
  • The gradebook post policy which was released recently created some confusion with faculty and the Canvas team was very responsive to feedback.  The update is that the word Manual now appears in the gradebook column heading for each column where grades are hidden.  When assessments are graded the visiblity icon appears and then disappears when grades are posted.  This makes it easier for faculty visually see if grades are hidden or visible to students.

For more details about the updates follow the links to the Knowledge Base articles.

How to manage your Course Menu links

Grade Post Policy Knowledge Article 

If you want to learn more about using myCourses by Canvas, come to a myCourses walk-in session or submit a request for consultation.


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