New Features and Improvements to Box@UNH

July 9, 2019

by UNH IT Staff

There have been several improvements to Box @ UNH, including new features and updates to its functionality. 

Box Feed: Box Feed is a new feature introduced in the Box @ UNH web interface on Box analyzes the files, folders, and collaborators you and your team interacts with the most to show you the most relevant activity on your data. Your feed can be customized to sort data differently, or hide activity that you don’t want to see, or don’t want others to see.

Learn more on the Box Feed on the UNH IT Knowledge Base:

Make Available Offline in Box Drive: Files you access through Box Drive can now be marked for availability offline. Right-Click the file or folder and click “Make Available Offline.” If you or someone else make changes to this content while you're offline, Box Drive automatically uploads the revised content when you reconnect to the internet so that you are always working with the most up-to-date versions of your files. 

Learn more about the Make Available Offline feature on the UNH IT Knowledge Base:

Simplified Sharing: Box updated file-sharing with a simplified sharing experience that consolidates all options into one window.

Learn more about the new sharing experience on the UNH IT Knowledge Base:

Preview ThumbnailsBox makes it easier to navigate through any file in a single view. Every page now appears as a thumbnail, and you can easily find and jump to any page in a file.

Box @ UNH through MyLogin: UNH IT integrated Box @ UNH with MyLogin (SecureAuth) and enabled Single Sign-On through the myUNH Portal available at This change allows you to access Box the same way as myCourses, WildcatsMail, and many other applications, giving you a more consistent and familiar experience.


Find more resources about Box @ UNH using our landing page on the UNH IT Knowledge Base:

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