myCourses Rubrics Aid Effective Grading

May 20, 2019

by Louise Jones, Scott Kimball - UNH Academic Technology

What are Rubrics?   
A rubric provides a framework of components and expectations for an assignment, and a way of quickly scoring and providing feedback on student work. Rubrics benefit instructors by enabling consistency of grading from student to student, and providing rapid, standardized feedback to promote student learning in a sustainable way. Rubrics benefit students by clarifying expectations on assignments, raising awareness on progress toward learning goals, and enabling prompt and detailed feedback on student work.

Rubrics have three essential features: criteria students are expected to focus on, rating levels to indicate different achievement levels and the scoring associated to the rating.   Faculty can also choose how to apply rubrics: comments only, comments and points or points only. 

In myCourses by Canvas courses, the rubric tool can be applied to Assignments, graded Discussions and Quizzes.   Rubrics can be created at the same time you are creating an assessment, or you can create your rubrics in advance.  The same rubric can be used for multiple assessments in a course or a different rubric can be created for each assessment.  

Where do I find Rubrics in myCourses?   
Rubrics can be viewed at the course level or at the assessment level.
Course level rubrics are found in the “Outcomes” course menu which serves as the storage area for all your existing rubrics.  From this location, you have the option to create a new rubric or copy an existing rubric with the intent to edit it and use for another assessment.
Rubrics associated to an assessment will appear on the assessment home page. In this location you have the option to select an existing rubric, edit or create a new rubric.  

How do I grade using a Rubric?   
When you grade using the Speedgrader the rubric appears next to the submission.  From here it’s easy to review the submission and then select the rating criterion that matches the achievement.  If you are assigning points, then the points will appear next to the criterion and a total grade is applied to the student submission and in the gradebook.   The selected criterion, rating and comments appear in the student submission and when students check their myCourses grades they can access their submission and view the rubric feedback.

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