SmartAuth for WebCat Coming this Fall

April 25, 2019

by UNH IT Staff

SmartAuth Registration begins May 1, 2019. Required use to log into Webcat begins August 12, 2019. SmartAuth is USNH’s multi-factor authentication service that acts as an additional layer of protection for your digital identity.  Improving the security of your digital identity provides more protection for UNH data, systems, and services.  


Multi-factor authentication, which is also called 2-step verification, basically means you need to verify your identity using more than one method.  Today, when you log in to Webcat using your UNH username and password, you are providing verification via one method. With SmartAuth in place, you will need to provide your username and password, and then use another verification method to confirm your identity, which can include using an app on your phone to get a code or press a button or receiving a passcode via a phone call.

Most people are already using multi-factor authentication for electronic banking, email, or social media accounts.  

The Department of Education expects institutions to use a2-step verification process like SmartAuth as a defense against phishing attacks that seek user credentials in order to steal Financial Aid funds.

Most UNH faculty and staff members have already enrolled in SmartAuth, which became part of the login process for WISE in fall 2018.  Those who are already enrolled do not need to do anything prior to August 12.  Instructions for confirming that you are already enrolled in SmartAuth are below. 

Multifactor Authentication

To start, register at least one phone number at which to receive passcodes and enable the service for your account. We recommend registering more than one phone number and/or device so you have a back-up if your phone is lost, stolen, broken or otherwise unavailable.

How do I use SmartAuth?

For instructions on how to register a phone number for SmartAuth, go to

After entering your username and password, you will be prompted to select from one of your registered phones/devices to receive a passcode.  You can receive passcodes in a number of ways:

  • Voice - SmartAuth will automate a phone call to your registered phone and relay your passcode.
  • SMS/Text - SmartAuth will generate a text to your registered device with the passcode. 
  • Authenticate app - Installing the SecureAuth Authenticate app on your IOS or Android device will give you two ways to authenticate: you can enter the passcode in your Authenticate app or you can choose "Send login request" and a request will be pushed to your Authenticate app.  Once you approve the request, you will be admitted into the system.

A primary benefit of using the Authenticate app is that it does not require cellular or wifi service to generate a passcode.  As such, if you work in an area where cellular service is unreliable, we recommend you register using the Authenticate app.

More Information

*Webcat allows students to view course schedules, register for courses, view grades, view holds, request enrollment verifications, request transcripts, view degree evaluations, request change of major, view student bill, pay online, request refund, view financial aid information, view financial clearance status, pay housing/enrollment or study abroad deposit, set up Parent Portal accounts. Faculty and advisors can view class rosters, view faculty class schedule, view advisee information, view advisee listing, review/approve student requests for major change.


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