Phishing email: Subject=Employment Announcement OR Part time Open Work OR ANYTHING ADVERTISING JOBS

April 15, 2019

by UNH IT Information Security Services

UNH Information Security Services (ISS) has received reports of phishing emails targeting UNH users coming from several UNH Wildcat accounts advertising part-time job opportunities.

There were various email subjects:

"New Open Position"

"Part time Open Work"

"Employment Opening"

"Avenue to Evaluate"

"Part time Opportunity"

"Job Window"


Email Text

Links in the email have been disabled and underlined.

Work adjustable hours and make something extra? More details available HERE  

If you received this email, please delete it.

If you have gone to the scam site and provided any personally identifiable information, please contact ISS at to determine if any additional actions need to be taken. 

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