4 Reasons to Use myWildcat Success for Fall 2019 Registration

April 1, 2019

by UNH AT D&T Staff

myWildcat Success is an application used to support student success at UNH.  The system helps link advisors, faculty, and student support staff with students in a coordinated way. 

  1. Quickly and easily enter your times available to meet with students, message those students through the system and students can pick the available time slots that work for them
  2. Know at any time what students have and have not scheduled an appointment with you
  3. Record notes that can be viewed by others in the students coordinated care network
  4. Quickly see the students schedule, courses, GPA and major

Sign up today for Intro Training for myWildcat Success:  https://at-training.unh.edu/apps/ssr?action=course&id=281

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