Zoom Video Conferencing – Valuable New Features!

February 1, 2019

by UNH Academic Technology Staff

Mike McIntire, Academic Technology’s Manager of Media and Collaboration, believes the new features offered by Zoom, UNH’s video conferencing tool, could have immediate benefits for the UNH Community.  “Zoom continues to expand access and convenience for recording and distributing content.  We invite everyone to take advantage of Cloud Recording and the new 200 attendee meeting limit by upgrading to the latest version of Zoom.”
Zoom Cloud Recording - Enabled for all of UNH and linked to Kaltura MediaSpace
We have integrated Zoom with Kaltura, our product for media hosting and delivery.  Because Kaltura allows unlimited storage, this enables us to let all users of Zoom have access to the Cloud Recording function in Zoom.  Now when you go to record a Zoom meeting, you will have two options:

  • Record to this Computer - A recording will be made on your own computer.  You then need to manage that file as you see fit including long-term storage and sharing.
  • Record to the Cloud - A recording will be made on Zoom’s servers.  After the meeting, the recording will automatically be placed in your personal My Media collection within the Kaltura service.  You can access and share the recording via media.unh.edu or via the myCourses/Canvas LMS.

The Record to the Cloud option can be triggered from any Zoom client including iOS and Android where recording has not been possible before.  For any situation where you do expect to share the meeting recording with others, we recommend using the cloud recording function to make the entire process easier.  When you use the Record to the Cloud option, you will receive an email message at the end of your Zoom meeting giving you details on viewing and sharing the recording.
Larger Meetings - Up to 200 Attendees
Zoom has changed the limit on regular meetings to now allow up to 200 people to attend a single meeting using a normal Zoom license.  This means that some of you who needed to request a special license for sessions with over 100 users now no longer need to do so.
Upgrade to the latest Zoom software now.
We recommend you install all updates to the Zoom client software when they become available to get the last features and security enhancements including a critical security fix in the latest release.

The easiest way to update is to run the Zoom program on your computer and select “Check for Updates” feature built into the program.  For specific instructions, see this UNH IT knowledge base article:  
We are pleased with the successful adoption and growth that Zoom has seen at UNH, and we continue to work with the company closely as it enhances the product.  Feedback is always welcome and helpful.  Support for Zoom is available 24/7 directly from Zoom’s technical support team, and if you have any questions about Zoom specifically at UNH, you can contact the UNH IT Service Desk to request assistance.

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