Xtender Upgrade Provides New Features and Functionality

February 14, 2019

by UNH IT Staff

Xtender Upgrade Provides New Features and Functionality

Xtender is getting a facelift! Over the next several months, UNH IT will upgrade ApplicationXtender (AX) from version 7 to version 16.3, as vendor support for the current version is ending. The latest version of AX is browser-independent (users are no longer tied to Internet Explorer), mobile-friendly (works on phones and tablets using the UNH VPN), and provides many modern features, which are listed below. Please check the Xtender Upgrade project webpage for an online demo or watch a pre-recorded demo, to review relevant Knowledge Base articles, and for project status updates: https://www.unh.edu/it/xtender-upgrade 

Upgrade Schedule

  • Finance / HR (Xtender BPRD) will be upgraded in late March 2019.
  • UNH and GSC Student (Xtender PROD / SLLP) will be upgraded in mid-August. 
  • KSC Student (XPRD) will be upgraded in the fall. 

New Features

New AX 16.3 features and functionality include:

  • Browser-independent: All internet browsers work with AX 16.3, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Mobile-friendly: Once you login to the UNH VPN, AX is now fully functional on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Captiva Cloud: With this feature, installing web components in no longer necessary. If you are scanning, install Captiva Cloud and you’re ready to roll.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Add documents to AX by simply dragging-and-dropping.
  • Text Search: New querying feature allows you to search for documents by specific text.
  • Page Preview: Preview your documents from the query results screen.
  • Customized Querying: Easily adjust the look and feel of your query results by hiding columns, reorganizing columns, and more.
  • Page Rotation: If you have Xtender admin privileges to documents, you can rotate pages and save them.
  • Inactivate Users: Xtender administrators can now activate/inactivate a user account, eliminating the need to delete an AX account in order to deactivate it. This feature is good news for work-study accounts and other seasonal accounts. 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: The “?” key now displays a list of shortcuts related to each screen.

What do I need to do?

Please submit questions to the Document Management Group using our web form to ensure a timely response:https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=131

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