Apple Introduces Screen Time Feature for iOS Devices

February 1, 2019

by UNH IT Staff

American adults spend an average of 11 hours a day looking at a screen. 

We’ve always been fascinated by screens ever since the advent of television. Over the years, they’ve varied greatly in size, but portable devices forever changed the amount of time we spend endlessly gazing into an electronic abyss, interacting with media, commenting on social media posts, and writing and responding to texts, emails, and instant messages.

According to, American adults spend more than 11 hours a day looking at their smartphones, tablets, computers, or television screens. Considering the average adult is awake 14-17 hours a day, this comprises the majority of our time.

When we think of how to add time to our day for important activities such as exercise or perhaps actually talking to people, we don’t always think of reducing screen time as a priority. After all, this problem is relegated to teens and college students, right? In comparison to the numbers above, reported screen time averages are 4.5+ hours for tweens and six-plus hours for teenagers.

With its release of iOS 12, Apple recently introduced built-in, real-time screen time statistics, which can be found in the System Preferences area of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This new feature allows users to view reports and set limits on various apps, while also allowing for the ability to adjust and limit “downtime” functionality.

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