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January 10, 2019

by Louise Jones

myCourses Analytics 


Course analytics in myCourses is being updated with new features and is being offered first as “Analytics Beta” that can be optionally enabled by faculty. 

This new Analytics Beta tool will eventually replace Course Analytics that is currently found on your course home page.  The new analytics will provide the same data but make it easier to view and filter data using an interactive graph or table.  The email tool is also embedded in the analytics tool that allows faculty to customized when and whom they communicate with. Faculty who miss seeing the assignment analytics in the grade book can use the Analytics Beta to view submission assessments (highest, lowest and average grade).

The Analytics Beta tool has to be enabled by the instructor through the course Settings area by moving it to the active links area.  Enabling the Analytics Beta tool places it on the course menu link and can only be seen by instructors.  When you enable the Analytics Beta option you will have a direct link to the Canvas Guides but also a link to submit feedback directly to Canvas.

The Analytics chart graph shows the Course grade average for all student grades to date.  The course analytics also shows the student activity, assignment submissions, grades and student name.  Data in Analytics Beta is not real time but is refreshed every 24 hours.

Analytics defaults to displaying all assessments but can be dynamically filtered to show a specific assessment type: Assignments, Discussion or Quizzes.  The Filter also allows you to compare results by course, section, or students.  Each filter displays as a color-coded data point that makes the results easily identifiable. The Dots on the chart represent each assessment that when clicked will display details of the submissions: highest, lowest and average grade, missing and late submissions.  

Student Activity is presented at the bottom of the Analytics page.  This area lists the student name, course grade, percent of assignments submitted on or before the due date, last course interaction date and last course access date. 

Faculty who like to view data in a spreadsheet can use the option to download the analytic data into CSV file.  


Check out the Canvas Guide for more information:

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