Phishing Email: Subject= REQUEST

December 6, 2018

by UNH Information Security Services

UNH Information Security Services (ISS) has received reports of a phishing email targeting UNH users that purports to come from the President of the University.

This is a spoofed external email that is part of a multi-prong phishing attack. 

In multi-prong attacks, the attacker will send more than one email to each recipient.  The intial email does not usually contain an active phishing link as the objectives of this initial email are to

1) confirm valid recipient email addresses

2) to convince recipient's that the email is from someone important at the University in order to inspire a response to subsequent emails.  Subsequent emails may include phishing links or attachments containing malware, or requests for financial contributions in the form of iTunes/Amazon gift cards.

Email version 1.

The subject of the email is "REQUEST". 


Email Text 

{FIRST NAME}, Are you available at the moment? I need you to run a quick errand for me thanks....


Best Regards,

James W. Dean Jr.



Sent from my iPhone 

Email verion 2.

The subject of the email is "<Username removed>"

Email Text

<User name removed>,
Hope you doing good?I need you to get a purchase done, email me back once you get this message.
Awaiting your Reply.

James W. Dean.



Email version 3.

The subject of the email is "Request".

Email Text

Are you available for a quick task?


If you received this email, please delete it. 

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