Canvas and myCourses Presents New and Improved Analytics Beta

December 4, 2018

by Megan Murphy (COLA ‘22)

Something fresh and innovative is coming to myCourses!  The latest update - Analytics 2 Beta - is described by Canvas as “a tool that provides improved analytics for tracking student data using an interactive chart or table.”  The new feature not only contains the functionality that the original Analytics software possesses, but also provides enhanced analytics tools to assist instructors in assessing student progress and grades.  Faculty will now have access to specific student profile analyses that contain more detailed statistics than ever before, allowing them to step back to observe and compare progress on:

  • Individual students

  • Groups of students

  • Class sections

  • Classes as a whole

Tammy Conrad, the AT manager who leads the myCourses platform effort, provided more information pertaining to the site’s changes.  “Although Analytics 2 is still in Beta,” she explained, “Canvas feels confident enough in its functionality to release it in the production environment to seek feedback while continuing to work on some added functionality that will make the feature fully production-ready.”  While Beta will someday replace Analytics 1 entirely, faculty are currently not obligated to enable Analytics 2. However, if they choose to do so, they will be equipped with both the original Analytics tool and the Analytics 2 Beta tool. It is critical to note that enabling Beta will not equip students with access to statistical information regarding their classes.  That will remain strictly confidential.

Analytics 2 Beta can easily be enabled through these steps:

  • Go into ‘Courses’, and then into ‘Settings’

  • Select ‘Navigation’

  • Scroll down to ‘Analytics Beta’, and click and drag it up to the Menu

  • Click ‘Save’

Upon completion, the screen should show Analytics 2 Beta on the left as shown below:


 While Analytics 1 provides information pertaining to student activity and progress, there are no options to compare students with their peers, nor the cumulative course average.  With Analytics 2 Beta, faculty now have the option to compare one or more students’ individual grades with the class average. This can be displayed through multiple graphing options, such as data tables or line graphs.  Additionally, new categories labeled “last interaction” and “last activity” indicate the date that the student last interacted with the course, along with when that course was last accessed.


Besides assessing student progress, faculty can now zero in on particular class sections, assignments, discussions, and quizzes, and display visual data about the average grade, highest and lowest scores, and rates of on-time and missing submissions.  Furthermore, by clicking on a student’s detail card, teachers are provided with new information regarding the student’s activity in the classroom, ranging from the last time they accessed myCourses, to their course average, to the last assignments they submitted, and whether or not they were on time.  This additionally serves as one of several new methods in which faculty can reach out to contact a student or a group.

While these improvements are sure to be advantageous, the innovations do not stop here!  Several new features will soon be added to Analytics 2 Beta, such as an option to view weekly activity along with supplementary details on grade distribution.  Instructors are highly encouraged to try out this new tool and send feedback on their experience! Please use this link to provide feedback or to request assistance:

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