UNH Computer Store and Computer Repair Services Closing: What’s Next?

October 30, 2018

by UNH IT Staff

As previously reported, the UNH Computer Store and Computer Repair Services will close on Friday, December 7. UNH IT is also finalizing a contract with a new vendor for our Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED) services in the near future.

We realize that you may have questions about our service offerings moving forward. This article hopes to address answers to some of your anticipated questions, while others are actual inquiries received from UNH students, faculty, and staff.

First, here are some important dates on the horizon:

  • Happening Now – UNH Computer Store Closing Sale – 30% off all in-stock items, not including computers, iPads, or special-order items. For updated information, please visit http://computerstore.unh.edu
  • Friday, November 9: Last day to place special orders at the UNH Computer Store
  • Tuesday, November 13 – early January 2019: Freeze period on computer orders

Note: Please plan accordingly. We understand unplanned events happen. If an unplanned need occurs, please call the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 and they will forward your request to the appropriate team to assist.

  • Early January (exact date forthcoming) – First week to order computers through new e-procurement system

UNH Computer Store and Computer Repair Services Closing – Anticipated FAQs

Will I still be able to purchase a computer through UNH?

Yes. UNH IT will provide guidance to faculty and staff for the purchase of standardized desktops, laptops, and peripherals through an online e-procurement system. Details are forthcoming.

What type of computers will UNH offer?

For Windows machines, USNH has awarded Connection, a Value-Added Reseller.  UNH will be switching from Dell to Lenovo Computers. IT is currently working with Apple to provide an online purchase portal, we anticipate availability on November 13, 2018.

What are the standard Lenovo models? Will they meet my needs?

UNH IT has partnered with groups across campus to form an Advisory Team to review the standard models to ensure they meet the majority of business needs at UNH. It is understood that there could be valid reasons and requirements where the standards will not meet specific needs for example in the areas of research and grants.  Exception requests will be reviewed and may  be granted in those rare cases.

What if I need to purchase a computer between November 13 and early January? 

Please plan accordingly. We understand unplanned events happen. If an unplanned need occurs, please call the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 and they will forward your request to the appropriate team to assist.

Will UNH IT still offer onsite computer repairs?

No. However, UNH IT will be opening the IT Depot in the MUB.  The IT Depot who will provide guidance on computer purchases, liaison and depot repair services, a laptop loaner program, referrals for repairs, basic diagnostics, and fee-based software services.

I purchased Out of Box for my computer. Will this be honored?

Yes. This service will be handled by the IT Depot located in the MUB room 213.

How will I get my new computer?

Computers will be ordered online and shipped directly to departments. Students and personal purchases will be delivered directly to address supplied by the customer.

What about SEED (Safe Equipment Electronic Disposal)? Is this program going away?

No. UNH IT has engaged with a new vendor. We are currently reviewing our model for this program, but for the time being, collection scheduled for November 29 will proceed as scheduled.

What are the benefits to these changes?

UNH IT expects the following benefits of these changes:

  • Increased standardization of computer equipment and software resulting in a lower cost of desktop computing procurement and support, a higher level of end-point security reducing institutional risk, and an improved and consistent end-user experience. 
  • Future plans for the formation of a cross-functional steering committee, which will help ensure standardization and thought leadership focused on meeting the business needs of institution and best practices to mitigate security risks.
  • Core competencies focused on improved vendor management, technical support, managed desktop environment, tracking assets.
  • Computer Lifecycle Management across the institution.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness gained from standard, consistent management of desktop/laptop landscape.
  • Consistent application of desktop/laptop supports best practices across the University.

UNH, IT welcomes your questions. Please submit your queries using our online web form. We will review all inquiries and respond within 1-2 business days.

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