Kaltura Enhancements - New Features, Improved Usability

October 26, 2018

by Kelsey Flannery (COLA, 2019)

Kaltura, UNH’s media platform, rolled out new features that faculty members can use to create a more effective, ‘tech-savvy’ classroom.  The biggest updates were made to the Lecture Capture feature.  Lecture Capture refers to the ability to record both video in a big lecture hall that can be uploaded for students to view, or the ability to record a video on your laptop from your office or your home.  Kaltura makes it easy to upload videos for the students to use at a later date, outside of class.  Using Kaltura Lecture Capture is very simple.  The pop-up has four very clear buttons: a large red button for recordings, a camera, a microphone, and a small laptop screen that refer to what the app can record.  Clicking them turns them on or off. 

David Blezard, the manager of the Academic Computing Systems within Academic Technology at UNH, has been leading the effort to implement lecture capture for faculty, staff, and students. He speaks highly of Kaltura and its potential for expanded usage within UNH, sharing that “It’s great to see that they’ve added new additional functionality [for Lecture Capture] and done it so quickly.” Some of the major updates in this software include the addition of annotations, which is the ability to draw easily draw on the screen, and the recording preview, which now allows for staff to review and watch their videos before they upload them to myCourses/Canvas. This was a feature that was previously unavailable, and should prove to be very useful. Kaltura also made sure to fix the bug that had previously been causing issues on Macs.

Another enhancement is improved searching ability; now when sifting through images or data within these files, it will be much easier to find items you are looking for. Blezard also shared his hopes for the future of Kaltura. While a date isn’t set yet, the next big update could include improvements on more specific content analytics that professors have access to through My Media on myCourses/Canvas. Blezard also emphasized that this software should update on its own. The new version number should be #3.2.100. If your version does not match this number, and you are unsure how to update, call Academic Technology for assistance (862-4242). These updates make the software even more user friendly, and have more capabilities that will enhance the faculty, student and staff experience.

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