Walk-in Sessions - Where YOUR Needs and Personalized Attention Meet

September 21, 2018

by UNH Academic Technology Staff

As a user of technological resources at UNH, you know how challenging it can be to acquire the specific skills and knowledge necessary to utilize those resources in an effective manner. For members of the Academic Technology (AT) Documentation and Training team, it is challenging to deliver training effectively on an ever-widening range of tools and resources. One way we are trying to meet these challenges is with regularly scheduled walk-in sessions.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Consider for a moment these two scenarios: a UNH faculty member with 7 years of experience using a UNH-based LMS (Blackboard and myCourses by Canvas) would like to incorporate the Gradebook into their course; a new faculty member with prior LMS experience (Moodle) has never used myCourses by Canvas and needs an intro/overview. The first would not benefit from an introductory class, and the latter might have difficulty in an intermediate or advanced class covering the Gradebook, among other topics. Enter the walk-in session (pun intended!).

Designed with the scenarios above in mind, our walk-in sessions allow us to provide individualized attention to your specific needs. From Blue/Teaching Evaluations to UNH TV, Drupal to myCourses, and everything in between, our training team can assist with a variety of applications supported by Academic Technology, whether in the form of an intro session or specific task or concept.

We invite faculty, staff and students to drop in at any point during a scheduled walk-in session and stay as long as needed. In fact, some “regulars” use our walk-in sessions as a way to get away from their desks to focus on specific tasks!

Timing Is Everything

Flexibility is our goal when it comes to scheduling our walk-in sessions, and that is why you will find our sessions during both mornings and afternoons on alternating days in any given week. Although our walk-in sessions are “advertised” toward specific applications (e.g. myCourses by Canvas, Drupal/myPages, myElements, etc.), these sessions are often “multi sessions” attended by two or more Training and Documentation staff, adding to the flexibility our sessions offer.

Build Your Skills!

AT Documentation and Training will continue offering walk-in sessions in the future, and a complete list of all our sessions – session details, registration, and session requests – is available in the Academic Technology Training website. As well, our team continues to add to and enhance self-service documentation located in the UNH IT Knowledge Base, along with videos located in the UNH Media Library.

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