Transition to Kaltura Lecture Capture Tool Brings Improvements

September 20, 2018

by David Blezard and Daniel Carchidi

Over the summer, Tegrity recordings made before May 20 were moved to Kaltura.  You can find these videos by using the My Media links in myCourses/Canvas or at  Kaltura also released new tools that include enhanced editing capabilities, better search, and a new Kaltura Capture tool for making recordings.  This transition offers some improvements that are worth considering for your instructional practice.

Rehearsal and Design Considerations

Stephanie Clarke, Assistant Clinical Professor, in Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences made the transition from Tegrity to Kaltura this summer.  She uses Kaltura for both classroom and laptop recording.

Stephanie recommends that instructors take a few minutes to practice using Kaltura prior to recording in the classroom or on their laptops, “particularly identifying which screen is being recorded in the classroom.”  And because Kaltura videos can be embedded easily within a myCourses page, she has needed to consider their placement and context more carefully than with Tegrity.  Stephanie also notes that “the captioning capability of Kaltura adds an option for how my students have access to information within the lectures.”  Although it is early in the transition, she believes her students like the embedded videos that Kaltura provides rather than having to leave the myCourses site as they had to do with Tegrity.

We recommend you use Kaltura Capture to make new recordings on your own computer. You can find out more in our article Kaltura Capture: Overview.  CaptureSpace does remain available for now.  

Getting Support 

We have drop-in sessions available in the Parker Media Lab (Dimond 237):
Tuesdays from 10-2
Wednesdays from 1-3
Fridays 10-11:30
If you wish to learn how to use the new recording software, please come to a training on Kaltura Capture scheduled at
For all of the support and training dates as well as up-to-date information about this transition, please visit


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