Legitimate Email: Subject = Phishing Alert - Response Required

September 19, 2018

by UNH Information Security Services

The following is a legitimate email sent by UNH Information Security Services.

The subject of the email is "Phishing Alert - Response Required


Email Text

On September 12,  you received an email with the subject line “University of Hampshire service desk” from a UNH email address. 
You can see an example of this email on the UNH PhishBowl assessible at https://www.unh.edu/it/the-phishbowl.

This email is part of an internal phishing attack.  Clicking the link the email took users to a fake Outlook log in page. 

Please reply to this email ASAP and let us know whether or not you entered your UNH username and password on this log in page. 

If you do not respond by 2:00 PM tomorrow, September 20, your account will be secured.

If your account is secured, you will not be able to access any UNH resources and you will need to contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 and they will walk you through the steps needed to recover your account.


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