myCourses - New Gradebook

July 30, 2018

by Louise Jones

myCourses new Gradebook

As of this fall, there will be a new gradebook in town.   Don’t be alarmed the functionality will be the same.  The new gradebook mimics the functionality of the current gradebook but with better navigation and new menu options that make it easier to locate gradebook functionality.  You will continue to add assessments and grade using the Speedgrader as you have before.

What is New in the Gradebook?

When you first look at the gradebook you’ll notice that the Menu options are now located on the left side of the gradebook.   See the list below for a quick description of what’s new.  

Global Gradebook options:

  1. New Menus; Gradebook, View and Actions for better navigation and more settings and sorting options.
  2. Status option that has a built-in color key that displays the assessment status by color.
  3. Filter options to view columns by Assignment Group and Modules in the gradebook.
  4. Arrange by option to reorder the columns in the gradebook.

Gradebook Column options:

  1. Unpublished assessments by default will appear in the gradebook but can be hidden by toggling it off from within the View menu.
  2. Student Name column has additional sorting options including the option to view SIS id or Username.
  3. Drag and drop columns to rearrange your gradebook.  You can now reorder any assessment columns, assignment groups and the Total column.
  4. Total column grade can be changed from percentage to points.
  5. Column grade entry for Letter Grade, Complete/Incomplete can be entered using a drop-down list select option.

Grades Management:

  1. Crosshairs for improved orientation that highlight the selected column and row when a student grade cell is selected.
  2. Late and Missing policy settings that can be enabled to automatically adjust points.
  3. Grade detail tray for individual student status, grade entry, commenting and also navigation arrows to move through student list.  Access to the Speedgrader is now located in the Grade Detail Tray.
  4. Mute assignments option now displays the word MUTE in the assessment column header rather than an icon.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts for improved accessibility for grade entry.

What is no longer available?

The first three on the list below are no longer available but will be incorporated into future changes.  The fourth item has been moved to a view option in the Student Name column.

  1. Treat ungraded as 0 option is not available in this release.  It will be added later and will include more viewing options for total grades.
  2.  Hide Student Names is no longer in the gradebook.  It is still available as an option in the Speedgrader.  The Assignment detail now also has an option to enable anonymous grading.
  3. Assignment Details in the grade column that showed the assessment average, high and low score will be updated in a future release.
  4. The SIS ID column has been replaced with the option to view the SIS ID or Username by selecting the option in the Student Name column. 

What is still in the Gradebook?

Here is short list of a few important features that are still available. The overall functionality of the gradebook remains the same.

  1. Sync Grades to SIS - You can still send your grades to WebCat using the Sync grades to SIS that is now located under the Actions menu.   Faculty rave about how much time this feature saves them when entering grades into WebCat.
  2. Speedgrader - You can still access the Speedgrader from the gradebook but now you will go through the Grade Detail tray. You can also access the Speedgrader from the assessment.
  3. Export/Import grades – You can still export your gradebook in a CSV file and import it back into the gradebook.


For additional information:


See the UNH knowledge base for the article about the new gradebook.  KB article myCourses Gradebook overview

Check out the AT-Training calendar for dates and times that Gradebook training and walk-in sessions are being held.  AT Training website:

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