myElements aids Faculty Activity Reporting and UNH’s public profile

May 10, 2018

by Olivia Pelehach (COLA, '18)

It is that time of the year again when faculty have started working on their Faculty Activity Report.  Luckily, myElements helps make the process as easy and as smooth as possible. 

As you are aware, UNH has recently implemented myElements, a platform used to curate faculty research and scholarship.  Phase I was completed in December, in which over 90% of the faculty logged on, received an ORC ID and began claiming publications.  The project is now fully launched following Phase II feedback from faculty and academic leaders.  In addition to helping UNH grow as a leading research institution, myElements ensures activity reporting is consistent.  

When faculty login, notifications appear that let faculty know what, if any actions need to be taken.  Since faculty activity reporting is happening now, myElements will prompt you step by step, which consists of clicking a few buttons, in order create a report on your accomplishments this year.

On top of initiating faculty response, myElements measures the impact of each publication. “This module shows the different ways your work has made an impact in some way,” explains Kevin Gardner, a CEPS professor who initiated the implementation of myElements.  “It shows you where your work has been referenced, not just in other books and publications but also tweets and blogs.  In fact, I found that one of my publications was referenced in a UK promotional video, which is something I would have absolutely no idea otherwise.”

In order to compile your research and assess the impact of your work, simply log on to myElements and follow the prompts.  myElements facilitates the publication, grant and teaching search and compilation work so faculty can verify information that is in their profile.  The platform helps to make Faculty Activity Reporting as painless as possible. 

myElements will not only help you, but also enhances the University’s credibility as a research institution.  “The benefits of myElements is threefold,” said Gardner, “The first is that it helps faculty keep track of their stuff, second is that it is useful for faculty evaluations, and third is to let the world become aware and celebrate the great research at UNH.”


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