UNH Student Email Just Got Cleaner, and Safer

April 9, 2018

by UNH IT Staff

On April 16, 2018, UNH will implement Proofpoint for student email. Proofpoint is a feature-rich, email gateway that will improve email hygiene, reduce spam, and help protect your computer from phishing attempts. In short, Proofpoint will reduce the risk of a compromised computer or device, while it reduces the amount of email clutter you will receive.

Proofpoint also helps you protect the integrity of the UNH email system by providing you with alerts to potentially harmful content. For example, when an email is sent with a hyperlink, the Proofpoint system will check the URL against a database of known malicious sites, and prevent access to the site if it is malicious.  Proofpoint will also block emails that are determined to contain malicious content.    

Proofpoint allows UNH IT to add “External Email Tagging”.

Even with Proofpoint, email originating from outside UNH should be approached cautiously.   To combat phishing and help students identify potentially fraudulent email, UNH has activated external email tagging. Messages sent from outside UNH will be marked with red text that reads “Caution - External Email” in the top left of the email.   You should always be suspicious of messages with subject matter alluding to password changes, email quotas, pay/benefits changes, and more. A high percentage of phishing attempts targeted towards the University often comprise these topics.
Proofpoint will enable the creation of an “End User Digest”.

Think of the End User Digest as a safety net. It identifies suspicious email and allows you to take action accordingly. This feature puts questionable emails into an actionable digest that is delivered to your inbox.  If you want to read an email in the digest, simply click on the link provided to access it.  If it looks like spam, no action is required.  The email digest itself can be previewed and deleted from your inbox.  If you wish, you can opt-out of End User Digest.

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