Phishing Simulation: Subject = Quarterly Action Required - UNH Life Insurance

March 21, 2018

by UNH Information Security Services


You have successfully detected a simulated phishing email sent as part of UNH's Phishing Awareness Program.

This simulated phishing email was sent to UNH employees  with a subject of  "Quarterly Action Required - UNH Life Insurance" and contained an attachment called "Quarterly Statement.doc

The text of the email as well as the content provided in the attachment are provided below.

You do not need to take any action at this time.


Email Text 

There was no linked text in this email but it did contain a simulated malicious attachment called "Quarterly Statement.doc".

Hello UNH Employee

Attached please find the quarterly statement for your UNH provided life insurance policy. You’ll be pleased to see that the value of your policy has increased this quarter.

Please reach out to me if you have additional questions.

Best regards,

John Tanner
Senior Insurance Broker
Genworth Life Insurance


Education Content Provided in Attachment

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