UNH Updates Course Catalog with CourseLeaf

February 26, 2018

by UNH IT Staff

Browsing UNH's Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law degree programs just became easier with an update to the online academic catalog.

The new format, now live at https://catalog.unh.edu/programs/, presents a simple interface that allows users to quickly sort and filter by program, degree type, school, college or campus location. Visitors also will be able to browse programs presented in a grid of neatly arranged, color-coded blocks, or in a comprehensive A-Z list view.

The new catalog software, CourseLeaf, implemented by the Office of the Registrar for the 2017 academic year, is part of an exciting series of changes for unh.edu. The CourseLeaf catalog software provides the university’s school and college sites, all of which are participating in a major redesign, with the technology to now pull academic program description and requirements directly from the catalog. In addition, news, calendar listings and faculty information will be pulled onto the school and college sites from the university’s publishing platform, master calendar, Banner and Elements. This will help make information consistent and easy to find across unh.edu and its related sites.

This work, following the new catalog platform’s installation, has been part of the university’s broader web governance effort, which acknowledges that our websites are often the first impression people have of UNH. A key goal of governance is to ensure that our sites present a clear, consistent image aligned with the UNH brand, as well as pages that are up-to-date and easy to navigate.  Information on the governance process and outcomes may be found on the Digital Communication site.

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