myElements Moves to Phase II after Successful Completion of Phase I

February 15, 2018

by Olivia Pelehach (COLA, '18)

Thank you to everyone who completed Phase I of the transition to myElements. With your help, we were able to surpass our goal of 90% of faculty logging on and claiming publications. More information about Phase I can be found here.

With Phase I complete, this is what you can expect in Phase II:

  • On February 19, a test site will be available for selected users to provide feedback. Specifically, we are seeking feedback on how to improve data entry for college and faculty type, as well as, a review of the on-screen assistance and help materials.
  • Each college will identify a representative who will be responsible for reviewing myElements and providing feedback.
  • On February 26, we will be conducting User Testing of the Faculty Activity Reporting function and AACSB data collection. The testing will provide feedback on the system configuration in order to make the necessary changes before all faculty gain access to FAR.

On March 21, faculty will be able to review and enter details for teaching, research, scholarship, and service within FAR.  Reports will be available to academic administrators and department chairs, in addition to reports for accreditation purposes. Faculty entries will also be used for faculty profiles on academic websites and a Vivo platform that will be introduced later this year.

Phase II will be the final phase of the project, however, faculty members will still be responsible for including their activities for future reports. Follow-up work will also be necessary for related integration projects, such as Vivo and Drupal School/College release.  

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