myElements access at over 93%

January 24, 2018

by Olivia Pelehach (COLA, '18) and Dan Carchidi

Thanks to the efforts of faculty and academic leaders from the across the University of New Hampshire - Durham, Manchester and School of Law - the roll out of myElements Faculty Activity Reporting outpaced expectations.  Our goal was to have 90% of faculty complete log-in, verify profile information, and collect publications by December 15, 2017.  In fact, 93% of faculty had completed the process by the deadline.  100% UNH Manchester and the UNH Library faculty reached the goal as did over 95% of CEPS, COLSA and Paul College faculty.

As Kyle Maclea, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology in Manchester, explained: “It was easy to use the UNH single sign-on and get going,” he said. “Claiming publications was very easy and fast. The systems that myElements connects to were accurate and had collected my publications so it was very efficient.”

myElements automatically collects research and scholarship information from open data sources and libraries. Additionally, other UNH systems will provide personnel, grants and teaching information, in order to have all relevant material in one comprehensive system. “It turns out to be very quick to use and there isn’t a lot to be done at this stage other than claim your publications, and if you like to look around at the navigation system and make sure the previous entries transferred appropriately (which they did for me),” Maclea said.

In addition to helping UNH grow as a leading research institution, myElements ensures activity reporting is consistent. Not only will myElements act as a curation tool, but it can also be shared across multiple, relevant platforms. Information collected in myElements feeds to an assessment module, a specific college or department's website, and a research and expertise website running on the open source Vivo platform.  

What’s next?

  • The full myElements FAR data collection/entry system will open to faculty on March 19.
  • Faculty profile information from myElements will be fed to the School and College web sites this summer.
  • The UNH research community is currently designing a research exploration site on the Vivo platform for public facing faculty profile information.

We are thankful to UNH faculty and academic leaders for their diligence and support of myElements adoption.

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