What’s ‘Caution - External Email’? UNH Steps Up Efforts to Combat Phishing

January 9, 2018

by UNH IT Staff


UNH Information Technology to Activate External Email Tagging January 16


Phishing is a top cybersecurity threat to UNH. Personally-identifiable information - the primary target of phishing attempts - which falls into the wrong hands can cause much financial and reputational damage to the University and its employees. Phishing attacks are often launched by including malicious attachments or links in an email. When recipients open these malicious attachments or click on the links, it can spark an attack.  
Email originating from outside UNH should be approached cautiously, especially messages with subject matter containing information on password changes, email quotas, pay/benefits changes, and more. A high percentage of phishing attempts targeted towards the University often comprise these topics.
To combat phishing and help employees identify potentially fraudulent email, UNH has activated external email tagging. Starting January 16th, 2018, messages sent from outside UNH will now be marked with red text that reads “Caution - External Email” in the top left of the email.   
Messaged tagged “Caution - External Email” does not mean the email is malicious, only that recipients should take caution. Do not click on links or open attachments in messages with which you are unfamiliar. All email originating from outside the university, except for approved services, will be tagged with this message.  
For additional information on spotting/reporting phishing attempts, visit UNH IT’s webpage https://www.unh.edu/it/the-phishbowl.


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