Legitimate Email: Subject = URGENT! Please Change Your UNH Password Immediately

December 15, 2017

by UNH Information Security Services

The following is a legitimate communication sent out by UNH Information Technology.

The subject of the email is "URGENT! Please Change Your UNH Password Immediately"

Email Text

UNH Information Technology requests all UNH students change their UNH password immediately in response to a wide-spread phishing attack.

Due to several recent events including multiple spear phishing attacks targeting UNH students, UNH is experiencing a high volume of student accounts being used to send spam and phishing emails.  When a student email account is found to be sending unauthorized emails, the students email account is locked and their UNH account is secured.  Once an account is secured, students are unable to access any UNH resources including myCourses and WebCat until they contact the UNH IT Service Desk or visit the Academic Technology Service Center in Dimond library.  Unfortunately, at this time, restoration of UNH access does not unlock the student email account and it may take several days for students with locked email accounts to regain the ability to send email. 

Based on the issues outlined above, UNH IT is asking all UNH students to change their UNH password immediately.  This is the best way to ensure you do not lose access to any UNH resources during the remaining of finals or during winter break.

It is important that students follow the instructions found on the following UNH IT web page. You can get to this page by copying and pasting this URL (https://www.unh.edu/it/news/2017/12/security-alert-password-change-required-for-all-unh-students) into your browser.  Following the instructions outlined at this URL will ensure your UNH password is changed across all UNH systems that utilize it.   

For more information, visit the FAQ page located at this URL (https://www.unh.edu/it/information-security-services/unh-student-password-change-required-faq).


The URLs are provided as plain text so you can see the final destination and recognize that it is hosted on a UNH website at www.unh.edu.


Stan Waddell


UNH Information Technology


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