Tech Fee Funds Valuable Student Services and Technologies

November 14, 2017

by Tyler Kennedy

Unbeknownst to most UNH students, many popular programs and services are directly funded by the technology fee, which currently stands at $201 for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students at the three UNH campuses. But in order to maintain these programs and to also fulfill the university-wide three percent salary increase that’s been decided upon by the University System of New Hampshire, the proposal for next year’s fee is currently set at $205.

Overall, some of the areas funded by this specific fee are students computing clusters (such as the ones in the Memorial Union Building and in Dimond Library), walk-in help desk services, technology-enhanced classroom infrastructure (such as TEAL classrooms,  Academic Technology liaisons, and technology-enhanced learning.)

In regards to the software funded from this fee, there is a long list. Notable items on the list include my.unh,edu, all the applications and programs featured on devices in the computer clusters and breakout rooms, the platform for the UNH mobile application, and also the myCourses 24/7 helpline. Since the start of the semester, there have been over 400,000 unique visits to, and both myCourses and Webcat have been launched from the portal over 200,000 times over the same period of time. The mobile app has also proven to be heavily used. Over the past year, it’s been downloaded over 16,000 times, and currently averages about 4,000 daily users.

This fee also funds the Parker Media Lab, located on the second floor of Dimond Library in Room 237, where students may use a variety of digital and media-based equipment, including a 3-D printer shown below.

UNH Computing Cluster

UNH Media and Collaboration 3-D Printer

The Academic Technology department is also currently looking into expanding these programs, among other such projects, which would be a more attainable goal with the small increase to fee price.

“Over the past few years, the Student Senate Leadership has been working hard to make sure the mandatory fees, such as the technology fee, are going to services student need and want,”  said USNH Board Representative Christian Merheb ’19. In particular with the tech fee, he notes that it helps to fund many tech-related necessities for students, such as new wifi infrastructure, Zoom licensing, and a better online student portal, among other such services.

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