Accessing myElements is Quick and Easy

November 2, 2017

by Olivia Pelehach

Faculty have increasingly been logging into myElements, UNH's Faculty Activity Reporting platform, which replaced Digital Measures in August.  Since the roll-out, over 380 faculty have logged in to the new platform. Our goal is to have 90% of faculty complete the following steps by December 15th.

Faculty should start by simply logging in to myElements ( Once logged in, sign-up for an ORCID, this is a unique identifying number that will help match faculty with his/her publications. Then, all the faculty member has to do is claim the publications that myElements has tied to him/her.

Kyle Maclea, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, explained his experience setting up and using myElements. “It was easy to use the UNH single sign-on and get going,” he said. “Claiming publications was very easy and fast. The systems that myElements connects to were accurate and had collected my publications so it was very efficient.”

myElements automatically collects research and scholarship information from open data sources and libraries. Additionally, other UNH systems will provide personnel, grants and teaching information, in order to have all relevant material in one comprehensive system. “It turns out to be very quick to use and there isn’t a lot to be done at this stage other than claim your publications, and if you like to look around at the navigation system and make sure the previous entries transferred appropriately (which they did for me),” Maclea said.

In addition to helping UNH grow as a leading research institution, myElements ensures activity reporting is consistent. Not only will myElements act as a curation tool, but it can also be shared across multiple, relevant platforms. Information collected in myElements feeds to an assessment module, a specific college or department's website, and a research and expertise website running on the open source Vivo platform.  

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a faculty member and have not done so already, please take a moment to log into myElements. Although the process should be relatively straightforward, there is self-directed support to help you should you need it. In addition, Academic Technology is available to address questions and has consultation sessions available.

“We are all pressed for time—this won’t take too much of yours. If you invest the time in setting up your ORCID account and make sure it has all your publications, you can add it to your account and it should be easy to claim all your publications if your publication history is more complicated than mine was,” said Maclea. “And as a bonus ORCID will help you with lots of other publications and systems later on you might like to use so devoting time to that will help beyond myElements too.”

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