Legitimate Email: Subject = New UNH Alert System

October 16, 2017

by UNH Information Security Services

The following is a legitimate University communication sent by the UNH Police Department Alert Notification System

The subject of the email is "New UNH Alert System" and the Sender is noreply@ everbridge.net.

Email Text

(Text in the email that link to other content is underlined but the links are not active)

This message is from the University of New Hampshire Police Department Alert Notification System.

UNH is now using RAVE Mobile Safety to keep students, faculty, staff, families and friends up-to-date on campus emergencies. If you’re part of our community – on any of our campuses - sign up to stay in the know regarding severe weather, active police incidents that may affect campus activities, hazardous materials incidents, and curtailed operations. Do you work outside? Subscribe to RAVE and you can receive heat advisories. Do you have mobility issues? Subscribe to RAVE and you can receive elevator updates. We’re working hard to balance being helpful and informative without being intrusive or annoying.

RAVE will be replacing our previous alerts platform over which this message is being sent, Everbridge. If you wish to continue to receive alerts you MUST create an account in RAVE. Everbridge will no longer be used starting December 1, 2017; to avoid duplicate notifications prior to that date, email UNH.Alertinfo@ unh.edu.

Please enroll today at alert.unh.edu. Email UNH.Alertinfo@ unh.edu with any questions.   

For general questions regarding notifications or to be removed from the alerts database, email UNH.Alertinfo@ unh.edu or contact the UNH Police Dept at 603-862-1427.  To update your contact information, click here.


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