Information Technology on Wireless and Wired Internet in the Residence Halls

September 13, 2017

by Stan Waddell

Effective and efficient delivery of network access is integral to the University community. It touches every part of daily life here at UNH, including residential life, academic delivery, and research. The UNH network can see devices that range from desktops, laptops, and smart phones to high performance computers and gaming consoles. Each of these devices carry their own types of connection and throughput needs.

The wireless network in the residence halls is now more modern and has faster connectivity than the aging wired infrastructure. In order to assure the best support and a modern network platform, wireless is now the primary form of access for the dorms.  Access to the UNH wireless network in the dorms is available by using UNH-Secure and UNH-Public. If you have a device that is having problems connecting to wireless or lacks a wireless adapter, please contact the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242.

Over recent years, the campus community has placed increasing demands for performance on the network, many of these focusing on wireless technologies. The student body voiced wireless connectivity as one of their principal concerns. The aging wireless infrastructure was in need of technology refresh and an expansion of coverage. In light of this and other concerns, UNH Information Technology (IT), Business Affairs, Residential Life (ResLife), and other areas of campus operations worked hard to satisfy these demands.

Over the last year, UNH IT, in concert with its campus partners, completed a campus-wide, $2.9M wireless upgrade in just under 10 months, four months ahead of schedule. During this overhaul, IT reengineered several processes to include wireless onboarding, authentication, and authorization to better accommodate the wide variety of devices used by the UNH campus community. The project also included rewiring and installing new wireless access points in 2,148 UNH Residence Halls rooms, and the installation of another 1600 wireless access points in dozens of academic and administrative buildings. In this evolution, the wireless network surpassed the wired network in the dorms.

UNH IT has taken a Wi-Fi first approach to supporting the networking needs of the students. We are committed to working directly with students experiencing problems to get them connected to the campus Wi-Fi network. There is a team responding to student connectivity issues in a very timely fashion who have successfully connected students to Wi-Fi using a variety of means; resolving issues with specific devices, providing wireless dongles, etc. This allows students to take advantage of the Wi-Fi network that is now faster (200mbps) and more reliable than the older (100 mbps) wired technology that exists in the dorms.

Students experiencing problems connecting to the UNH wireless network are encouraged to contact the UNH IT team for assistance. Questions and support requests can be submitted by calling the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242, submitting an on-line request at, or chatting with a helpful IT employee at

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