Legitimate Email: Subject = Online Ballot - COLA Elections for 2017-18 Committee Membership

August 10, 2017

by UNH Information Security Services

The following is a legitimate University communication sent by the UNH College of Liberal Arts.

The subject of the email is "Online Ballot - COLA Elections for 2017-18 Committee Membership" and the Sender is Stormy Gleason <stormy.gleason@ unh.edu >.

Email Text

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To:       Faculty Members of the College of Liberal Arts
Fr:        Heidi Bostic, Dean
Re:       Elections for 2017-18 Committee Membership
It is time for our annual election of members to important University committees.  This year we are again using an electronic ballot.  This method has worked well in previous years for other elections, reaching more faculty members, saving paper and ensuring accurate tallies. 
Thank you all very much for participating in this important election.
1.         Faculty shall vote for one candidate for each committee except for the Honor’s Committee, which allows two selections.
2.         Faculty may vote for candidates in any department.
3.         Once you have started voting, you must complete the process.  You will not be able to revisit your ballot. 
4.         The electronic ballot is available immediately. 
5.         Please complete your ballot by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 24, 2017.  Electronic voting will not be possible after that point.
Again, we will use UNH’s survey tool, Qualtrics, which should greatly simplify the process. We urge you to participate in the election by clicking on this link or typing it directly into your web browser. It will take you directly to your unique electronic ballot:
Personalized Online Ballot Link

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