Legitimate Email: Subject = Test Notifcation

July 10, 2017

by UNH Information Security Services

The following is a legitimate University communication sent by the the University of New Hampshire Notification System.

The subject of the email is "Test Notification" and the Sender is University of New Hampshire Notification System with an email address ending in everbridge.net.

Email Text

(links in the email text are underlined but not active)

This message is from the University of New Hampshire Police Department Alert Notification System.

Please click here to acknowledge receipt of this message

This is a test of the UNH Emergency Notification System.  The sirens sounding on the Durham campus are part of the annual testing of the emergency alert systems, this is only a test.

For general questions regarding notifications or to be removed from the alerts database, email UNH.Alertinfo@ unh.edu or contact the UNH Police Dept at 603-862-1427. To update your contact information, click here. 


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